Stone wall

Izrada kamenih zidova i gromača jedna je od najčešćih usluga koje PUNTARAC pruža svojim klijentima. U ponudi imamo više vrsta/načina zidanja

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What you will surely notice even the one who first pursued the Cres and Losinj, and thus the area of ​​Punta Kriza are countless, endless rows of stone walls, “gromaca” – all of which is enclosed pastures. Gromaca are the foundations of the architectural heritage of our rural areas.

Gromaca are high up the man, depending on the purpose of pasture ground, the available material and labor. The rule is larger blocks lower and lower over the stone walls. How to lay stone – diagonally, vertically, horizontally – depending on the shape of stone and the skills, knowledge and experience of the builder.  This work is actually work of each author, the story of the art building, attitude towards work, patience … but also the nature.